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Nature Conservation Law

Nature conservation law comprises the rules laid down in the Nature Conservation Act (prior to January 2017, the Nature Conservation Act 1998 and the Flora and Fauna Act). This Act is based on the (European) Birds and Habitats Directives. Plans, projects and activities may require a permit or exemption under this Act. If so, an extensive ecological assessment must be performed. Nature conservation law is complex, highly detailed and often amended.

ENVIR Advocaten has extensive experience with the following aspects of nature conservation law:

Species Protection

Exemption under the Nature Conservation Act (formerly exemption on the basis of Article 75 Ffw)
Codes of Conduct
Temporary nature
Development activities (ruimtelijke ingreep)
Statement of no objections
Violation of prohibitions

Protected Areas (Natura 2000)

Licence obligation under the Nature Conservation Act (formerly Nature Conservation Act 1998)
Birds and Habitates Directives
Appropriate assessment and assessment of impact
Habitat Regulations Assessments (HRA)
Project definition
Nitrogen deposition
Current use
Internal and external set-off
Programmatic Approach to Nitrogen (PAN)
Management plan