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ENVIR Advocaten offers specialised legal services in the field of administrative law.

Administrative law is an integral part of our society. It regulates all the government’s actions and thus often impacts on the position of companies and citizens in their dealings with the government. This area of law is characterised by the many confrontations caused by opposing interests. These occur, for example, when a company or individual wants to initiate a property development, while others seek to prevent that development.

Administrative law is complex, determined largely by European regulations, and always in flux.

ENVIR’s lawyers have specialised in administrative law for many years. We assist companies, government bodies as well as private individuals in all manner of administrative law issues. Our special focus is on general administrative law and environmental law.

Due Diligence

Environmental law and general administrative law also play a significant role in many mergers and acquisitions. The transfer of permits to new entities, the presence of soil contamination or the question whether certain desired developments are feasible are relevant to the completion of mergers and acquisitions, the purchase price and the contractual agreements made in connection with a merger or acquisition. In the event of an IPO, the prospectus must also address relevant environmental law and administrative law aspects.

“ENVIR’s lawyers have specialised
in administrative law
for many years”

“Administrative law is an integral part of our society.”

General Administrative Law

General Administrative Law concerns the rules laid down in the General Administrative Law Act (Awb). Administrative law comprises the substantive and formal rules of law that regulate the government’s conduct in a general sense. Examples are the rules related to taking decisions, enforcement by the government, granting permits and subsidies, and objection and appeal proceedings.

Environmental Law and Planning Law

Environmental Law and Planning Law cover all rules relating to the physical and natural environment, such as environmental regulations (water, air, noise, nature, external safety), spatial planning (zoning plan, accommodation plan and operating plan) and area development.

Nature Conservation Law

Nature Conservation Law comprises the rules laid down in the Nature Conservation Act (2017). Nature conservation law is part of environmental law, but is highly complex because of the direct influence of the European Habitats Directive and Birds Directive as well as the large amount of case law. In many projects and procedures, the influence of nature conservation law is significant.

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